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If I killed it I apologize, yeah I'm feeling a bit sorry

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All right, there isn't enough room in the 'interests' section for this shit, so I'll write it here...


Bands: A Heartwell Ending, A New Renaissance, A Wilhelm Scream, A-Ha, AFI, Alexisonfire, Anti-Flag, At the Drive-in, Atreyu, Avoid One Thing, Away From Here, Bad Religion, Bauhaus, Bayside, BEDlight for blue EYES, Belvedere, BigWig, Billy Talent, Black Flag, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Blindside, Blink 182, Blinker the Star, Bloodstained Sky, Bouncing Souls, Boys Night Out, Brand New, Brandston, Brazil, Bright Eyes, Buzzcocks, Catch 22, Choke, Chronic Future, CKY, Class Clown, Coheed and Cambria, Dead Kennedys, Death by Stereo, Deftones, Depeche Mode, Desaparecidos, Descendents, District 7, Don't Look Down, Dropkick Murphys, Ever We Fall, F-Minus, Fall Out Boy, Far From Heroes, Fayne, Fear Before the March of Flames, Franz Ferdinand, From Autumn to Ashes, From First To Last, Funeral For A Friend, Glasseater, Goldfinger, Good Riddance, Green Day, Guttermouth, Halfwayhome, Hatebreed, Hawthorne Heights, Hearsay Tao, HIM, Hole, Hot Hot Heat, Hot Water Music, IMA Robot, International Noise Conspiracy, Jersey, Joy Division, Kill Hannah, KMFDM, Letter Kills, Lola Ray, Loose Change, Lost City Angels, Lostprophets, Lovedrug, Lowercase, Marcy Playground, Matchbook Romance, Maxeen, Mclusky, Mest, Millencolin, Mindless Self Indulgence, Minor Threat, Misfits, Moneen, Motion City Soundtrack, Muse, Mxpx, My Chemical Romance, Native Nod, Neutral Milk Hotel, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, NOFX, No Motiv, Paint by Numbers, Piebald, Pennywise, Placebo, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Poison the Well, Prince, Propagandhi, Rancid, Refused, Rise against, Rufus Wainwright, Saves the Day, Sex Pistols, Silent Opposition, Silverchair, Silverstein, Slayer, Smashing Pumpkins, Sparta, Son of Sam, Square 9, Static-X, Story of the Year, STUN, Stutterfly, Sugarcult, Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Back Sunday, Ten Foot Pole, the Clash, the Cure, the Distillers, the Early November, the Exploited, the Faint, the Fever, the Format, the Get Up Kids, the Hives, the Icarus Line, the Joel Plaskett Emergency, the Libertines, the Locust, the Lot Six, the Matches, the Missing 23rd, the Nerve Agents, the Offspring, the Pixies, the Secret Machines, the Smiths, the Starting Line, the Stills, the Strokes, the Used, the Vandals, the Vines, the Weakerthans, Thrice, Thursday, Tiger Army, Transistor Transistor, Transistor Radio, Transplants, Tsunami Bomb, Underoath, US Bombs, Vendetta Red, Very Much So, VNV Nation, Wester, Yellowcard..

Movies: Y Tu Mama Tambien, My Own Private Idaho, Donnie Darko, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Knight's Tale, Elephant, Holes, Starsky and Hutch, Interview With the Vampire, The Crow, Shrek 2, Grind, Lady and the Tramp, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The Outsiders, The Order, the Rocky Horror Picture Show..

Shows: Queer as Folk, Kids in the Hall, My Little Pony, Mad TV, The Punk Show, The Wedge, that 70's show, Viva la Bam, The Simple Life 2: Road Trip (shut up)..

Books: The Golden Compass trilogy by Philip Pullman, The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, The Outsiders and That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton..

Directors: Tim Burton, Gus Van Sant..